Download for Android

Install from Google Play Store

To use the Sentinare smart activity sensor (formerly known as the Cypress visual sensor), you need to install the free Sentinare Activity Sensor App on your mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Both iOS and Android are supported.

If you use Android devices, and if Google Play Store is available in your country, please click the icon below to download the Sentinare Activity Sensor App from Google Play Store, or search “Sentinare Activity Sensor” from Google Play Store directly.

Download the Sentinare App for China

If you are from China, follow these instructions to install Sentinare on Android

  1. On your Android device, download the following APK file
  2. Open the File Manager App on your Android device
  3. Navigate to the downloaded APK file, usually in the “downloads” folder
  4. Tap on the APK file and go through the installation steps.

Sentinare App v2.9.48 for China