Smart Activity Sensor

The name Sentinare is coined from the words Sentinel and Care, because it’s a guardian for your loved ones.

By detecting human activities using a built-in AI chip, Sentinare can collect activity statistics, and send alerts when emergencies such as falls, overstays, and absences are detected. It’s an ideal tool to take care of seniors, especially those living alone.

Unlike regular cameras that transmit videos, Sentinare uses an AI chip to convert people to stick figures, and only transmits the stick figures to the cloud and app, protecting privacy from end to end.

Sentinare was a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree. It was also one of only three fall detection devices in Amazon Alexa Together emergency service, with the best review. Although Alexa Together will be discontinued from June 2024, the Sentinare system will continue to operate seamlessly.

Typical Applications

Caring of seniors in all settings, from aging at home to long-term care

Remote monitoring of patients with chronic or behavioral diseases

Managing the services of home caregivers

Privacy Protection

Privacy-preserving stick figures are transmitted instead of videos, allowing the sensor to be placed anywhere in the home.

Activity Recognition

Sentinare can recognize simple activities such as standing, sitting, and lying (with more to come). This allows it to collect statistics and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Fall Detection & Prevention

In Canada, falls are the main cause of injury for seniors: 20-30% fall at least once a year, and 50% of all serious falls happen at home.

The good news? Sentinare can detect falls and perform fall risk assessments to help prevent them.

Region-of-Interest Monitoring

Use the Sentinare app to define whom and what to monitor. For example, receive alerts when a dementia patient enters a restricted region, or when overstay/absence events are detected.

Sentinare App

Use the Sentinare mobile app to manage Sentinare sensors, receive alerts, check loved one’s activities, and more. For desktop/laptop users, there is the Sentinare Web browser app

Stick-Figure Streaming & Recording

From the app, watch real-time or recorded stick-figure streams, while respecting privacy

Fall Detection & Prevention

Detect falls up to 6m. Can detect slow falls. Not affected by pets. Perform fall risk assessment

Activity Recognition & Analytics

Recognize activities such as standing and sitting, collect stats, and encourage a healthy lifestyle

Region-of-Interest Monitoring

Define whom & what to monitor: Restricted Region, Overstay/Absence Detection, Entrance/Exit

Hand-Waving Detection

Allow people to seek help actively by waving their hand in front of the sensor

Face Recognition

Use face recognition to enable individual statistics and monitoring

Voice Call

Check on the conditions of loved ones via VOIP calls

Guest Accounts

Invite secondary users to receive alerts from selected sensors and people

API Integration

Cloud API for B2B partner integration and further development


Sentinare works even better with the Home Plan subscription, available via the Settings page of the Sentinare app

Home Plan

US$ 5 / mo
Promo price with 1-month free trial (Regularly $10 / mo)

  • Supports up to  10 devices
  • 90 days  Stick figure recording
  • 90 days  Alert history & playback
  • 90 days  Person activity statistics
  • Daily  Email summary
  • ✓  Invite secondary users
  • + All features in the Basic plan

  • *For institutions requiring more sensors , longer retention, or API support, contact us for a custom solution
Basic Plan


  • Supports up to  5 devices
  • 3 days  Stick figure recording
  • 14 days  Alert history & playback
  • 14 days  Person activity statistics
  • Weekly  Email summary
  • ✓  People detection
  • ✓  Action recognition
  • ✓  Face recognition
  • ✓  Fall detection
  • ✓  Fall risk assessment
  • ✓  Waving hand detection
  • ✓  Region-of-interest monitoring
  • ✓  Real-time stick figure streaming
  • ✓  2-Way audio communication


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Adria Thompson

Be Light Care

"This is the kind of technology that allows the supervision needed to keep someone living with dementia at home for longer."

belight v3

Adria Thompson


"Isn’t this amazing? This kind of technology changes everything when caring for someone with dementia, especially if you are doing it from afar."


Brian Read

Automate Your Life

"This is a truly smart system. It is truly useful, and I am truly excited that something likes this exists today."

Marytherapist 2

Mary Osborne

Your Dementia Therapist LLC

"If my parents were a fall risk or had dementia, I would definitely talk to them about this. It helps give caregivers peace of mind and helps maintain privacy for the person living with dementia!"

Noah Rue 1

Noah Rue

Digitized House

"Smart technologies are helping persons with disabilities to experience that feeling of autonomy and security in their own homes. Products in this space include the Sentinare 2 Smart Sensor."


Phil Vlach

AgeTech Labs

"Overall, the simplicity and functionality of Sentinare 2 is impressive. At roughly $200 CAD, this product delivers on fall detection, activity detection, ease of use, privacy, and completeness..."

franke headshot

Frank Engelman


"Sentinare is very useful for monitoring activities of daily living. Most seniors spend their time either in bed or on a chair. It would be really useful to track that for caregivers and giving them guidance. "

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Caring for loved ones.
Protecting privacy.

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