Firmware Release Notes

To update a sensor’s firmware, if available, press the Update Firmware button in the sensor page of the Sentinare app. If updating from a very old version, it may go through multiple updates. Leave the sensor on and connected to a stable WiFi.

Most updates should finish within 10 minutes. If the sensor blinks blue for too long, it is safe to replug the power to restart the sensor, in case the download is stuck. The sensor should resume download and update automatically.

Versions Sentinare 2: TBD
Sentinare 3: TBD
Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where fall detection would not work properly when Delay Fall Alert was enabled
Fixed a minor bug where audio clips being played would loop back to the beginning
Improvements Hand-waving detection works better across all sensitivity levels
Raised requirements for fall detection to reduce false alerts
Alert stick-figure playback clips have been extended from 10 sec to 20 sec
Improved reliability of overstay detection
Reduced phantom stick-figures in recordings
New Features Supports remote calibration. You may enable this feature in the Sentinare app
For hand-waving detectin at high sensitivity, waving of the hand is no longer required. The person just needs to raise their hand to the head level for 4 sec
Known IssuesA power cycle on some routers, as in the case of a temporary power loss, may not allow Sentinare to automatically reconnect to WiFi. In this case, you may need to power cycle the router again, often multiple times. In our test, up to 5 tries may be necessary.

DateJuly 31, 2023
Versions Sentinare 2: 1.1.245
Sentinare 3: 1.1.245
Bug Fixes A person not facing the sensor is no longer able to trigger a hand-waving alert
Improvements Various improvements to Bluetooth and reliability
New Features Any stick-figure with at least one keypoint within a region of interest will trigger detection
Sentinare 3 is now represented by a new display icon in the Sentinare app
If, for whatever reason, a region switch is performed (e.g. US -> Canada), a new firmware update is no longer required as long as the firmware version is up-to-date
Known IssuesA power cycle on some routers, as in the case of a temporary power loss, may not allow Sentinare to automatically reconnect to WiFi. In this case, you may need to power cycle the router again, often multiple times. In our test, up to 5 tries may be necessary.

DateFebruary 27, 2023
Versions Sentinare 2: 1.1.239
Mobile App: 2.9.48
Bug Fixes Sensor WiFi strength will now be periodically updated and reflected in the Rooms page
If an invited user tries to sign up, they will see an error message instead of being stuck in the Enter Code page
Fixed random crashes throughout the app
Improvements Improved fall detection performance
Enabled VOIP over TLS which enhances security and potentially alleviate issues for customers using CG-NAT networks (e.g. Verizon Home Internet)
Disabling the LED via the toggle in the app will now turn off the LED in almost all situations (except during sensor bootup)
Improved hand-waving detection by allowing anyone to trigger them, as long as a face is detected (whether known or not)
Stability improvement to BLE (during constant reconnections) especially for Android users
New Features Added “overstay detection” region of interest
Added “absence detection” region of interest
Added ability to set limited access for invited secondary users
Enable periodic emails summarizing the account
Added a “last updated” time stamp for resolved alerts
Added refresh buttons in Rooms/People/Alerts/Dashboard/Settings tabs
Added hand-wave detection settings page in the device page
Added a toggle to disable the warning when people don’t have 4 photos added each

DateSeptember 21, 2022
Versions Sentinare 2: 1.0.228
Mobile App: 2.9.07
Bug Fixes Potentially fixed an issue where the config file would be corrupted, leading to lost calibration
New wpa2-psk+FT- WiFi mode support
Improvements Various minor improvements to network handling and detection sensitivity
New Features Allow detection of anyone in restricted regions, when used with the latest app
Hand-waving alert changes: now requires the face to be detected. Only people added to the account with Person Type Senior can trigger hand-waving alerts, to reduce false alarms
Added Echo cancellation, Noise Suppressor and Volume Gain Control for VOIP

DateJune 27, 2022
Versions Sentinare 2: 0.1.206
Mobile App: 2.8.89
Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where sometimes a sensor can send many alerts to the server.
Fixed a bug where an added sensor would broadcast its serial number instead of its given name and the indication that it’s already added.
Improvements N/A
New FeaturesN/A

DateMay 11, 2022
Versions Sentinare 2: US-0.1.205 (US), CA-0.1.205 (Canada), CN-0.1.205 (China)
Mobile App: 2.8.71
Bug Fixes Properly wipe network configuration and alerts during removal from the account
No longer send a “connect” message to the server after subscribing to MQTT
Fixed a LED blinking yellow issue after factory reset (rare)
Improvements IR mode tuned and night vision works better
Delay BLE advertisement by 10 sec
LED color is less confusing during manual factory reset, turns to purple instead of red
LED dims based on ambient lighting
New FeaturesN/A

DateMarch 7, 2022
Versions Sentinare 2: US-0.1.184 (US), CA-0.1.191 (Canada), CN-0.1.186 (China)
Mobile App: 2.8.48
Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where uncalibrated sensors would treat the entire screen as a floor and send unwanted fall alerts
Wifi setup sound chime plays at correct moment now, instead of after setup
Alert sound chime works when enabled
Night Vision Auto mode works now
Fixed random white LED flash due to corrupted configuration
Added configuration migration to reduce conditions that requires a factory reset
Various fixes to WiFi/BLE handlings of concurrent events
Improvements Optimized microphone and speaker volume a bit, introduced packetization time of 10ms
New FeaturesN/A

DateDec. 20, 2021
Versions Sentinare 2: US-0.1.182 (US), CA-0.1.184 (Canada), CN-0.1.189 (China)
Cypress: US-0.9.274 (US), CA-0.9.287 (Canada), CN-0.9.277 (China)
Mobile App: 2.7.54
Bug FixesSentinare 2:
Fixed the bug that face recognition sometimes does not work
Fixed some WiFi connection bugs
Fixed some stick figure recording bugs
New Features Added low-light mode to both Cypress and Sentinare 2

DateNov. 15, 2021
Versions Sentinare 2: US-0.1.177 (US), CA-0.1.182 (Canada), CN-0.1.177 (China)
Mobile App: 2.7.46
Bug FixesSentinare 2:
Fixed flipped view bug in normal installation
Fixed setting up WiFi bug for iPhone 6/6s/7 with iOS 12
Fixed color distortion problem
New Features• Voice call is enabled
• Fall risk assessment is enabled

DateJul. 20, 2021
Versions Cypress: US-0.9.271 (US), CA-0.9.285 (Canada), CN-0.9.275 (China)
Mobile App: 2.7.20
Bug FixesCypress:
• Various bug fixes, such as in fall risk assessment.
New Features• Added stick figure recording/playback feature in the sensor page
• Added device online/offline status in the Room page
• Added people and device status summaries in the Dashboard page

DateMay 2, 2021
Versions Cypress: US-0.9.268 (US), CA-0.9.280 (Canada), CN-0.9.273 (China)
Mobile App: 2.5.27
Bug Fixes Various bug fixes
Improvements • Updated the Rooms page to allow easier navigation between rooms and sensors
• Added Switch Account description
• Updated Add Person part
New Features• Rebranded the App and sensor names to Sentinare

Please refer to the user manual in the Support Page for older records.