21st September 2017 – Andrew A.

VSW2017 is an incredible gathering of entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and community leaders, all coming together to celebrate one of the top tech hubs in the world. The city will be teeming with events, including presentations from some of the biggest names in the tech scene. Last year, VSW brought together more than 3,000 people to more than 70 different events and run by dozens of amazing community partners.

With two professors and about 10 PhD-level R&D engineers, AltumView has quickly become the premier deep learning and computer vision company in Vancouver. At the VentureLabs Startup Demo Day on VSW2017, AltumView will show case various deep learning-based intelligent vision products, including intelligent cameras based on NVIDIA and HiSilicon processors, and a powerful video analytics platform. These products can provide features such as face detection, face recognition, face verification, pedestrian detection, vehicle detection, and real-time multiple object tracking and analysis. These products can be applied in areas such as surveillance, smart city, fintech, retail, education, healthcare, drone, and robotics.

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