June 2023 – AltumView launched Sentinare 3, its third-generation privacy-preserving smart activity sensor for senior care and remote patient monitoring, with various hardware improvements.

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As one of the first AI companies in the world dedicated to senior care, AltumView started to develop its first-generation sensor in 2018. The sensor uses AI technology to monitor the activity of people, collect activity statistics, detect emergencies such as falls, and notify caregivers via a mobile App. To protect privacy, it only displays people as stick figures, allowing it to be used in bedrooms and bathrooms, where many accidents could happen to seniors. The sensor can protect the health and safety of seniors, especially those living alone, and provide peace of mind to their families.

In 2021, AltumView’s second-generation sensor, Sentinare 2, was selected as an Innovation Award Honoree by CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the world. Since 2022, Sentinare has also been selected by Amazon as one of only three fall detection devices for its Alexa Together emergency service, with excellent reviews from Amazon customers.

In addition to US and Canada, Sentinare has also been adopted by customers in about ten other countries, including Australia, China, Italy, Japan, and Korea. Recently, AltumView was also selected as one of five Canadian companies for the Canada-UK AgeTech Innovation Exchange Program.

Since the Sentinare sensor offers a privacy-preserving and low-cost approach of collecting large-scale, real-world activity data of seniors and patients from their homes, it has also been used by researchers from leading universities to do their own research, including Johns Hopkins University, University of Southern California, McMaster University, Carleton University, and Simon Fraser University.

“In the last few years, we have made numerous improvements to our product based on the feedback from many customers,” said Dr. Jie Liang, President of AltumView, who is also a Professor of Simon Fraser University, and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. “We have added many features to make it useful on a daily basis. In the future, we will continue to revolutionize senior care and remote patient monitoring, and to better serve our customers!”

The Sentinare 3 sensor is available on AltumView’s website and Amazon Stores in US and Canada.

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Jie Liang

Dr. Jie Liang (PhD) is a Professor at Simon Fraser University, a Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, and President/CEO of AltumView, which develops the Sentinare activity sensor for healthcare.