September 19, 2023  A Yahoo Finance news about AltumView Sentinare 3:

“Our partnership with the global industry leader like Amazon, along with the positive feedback received from its customers, highlight the exceptional quality and value of our product. Plus, our collaboration with organizations supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DDs) reflects our commitment to excellence,” said Dr. Jie Liang, President of AltumView, who is also a Professor of Simon Fraser University, and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

Dr. Liang continues, “Looking ahead, we see Sentinare becoming a part of daily life, detecting conditions like Parkinson’s, dementia, depression, and autism early. When Sentinare collaborates with an expanding network of healthcare systems around the globe, it will supercharge healthcare, improving healthcare service delivery and offering even more opportunities.”

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Jie Liang

Dr. Jie Liang (PhD) is a Professor at Simon Fraser University, a Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, and President/CEO of AltumView, which develops the Sentinare activity sensor for healthcare.