Introducing FitViz: Your Home Fitness Companion

Published by Andrew Au on

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Since COVID, home fitness has surged in popularity, but everyone knows about its undeniable hurdles:

Tracking Progress: We begin a workout, but something happens. The baby is crying. The doorbell rings. The movie got intense. It’s easy to lose count of reps at home.

Maintaining Form: We do our reps, but how do we know they’re proper form without a trainer? Videos and pictures can’t give us feedback on our own form.

Staying Motivated: We often say we are going to work out at home, and then we forget or find a reason not to.

How do we solve these? Well, we need a seamless automated solution that counts reps for us, gives tailored guidance on our form, and keeps us motivated.

Building on our successful track record with Sentinare, we’re proud to unveil FitViz as the next evolution in our commitment to solve these problems and make your home workouts easier.

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